Monday, November 3, 2008


Well, then.

Welcome to the blog. Very basically, I'm a comic book fan.

Just recently, I started noticing what I'm going to refer to as a secret map that writer Grant Morrison has been threading throughout his comic book work. This is the Grant Morrison who has written JLA, Doom Patrol, Animal Man, the “DC One Million” event, Batman, and tons more books. In some places, this web extends beyond even one publishing company. More importantly, it connects ALL of Grant's work, and it's fun as hell to follow when you start realizing what you're looking for.

Now, I'm not prepared to give you the goggles to suddenly see this map. I'm just gonna point stuff out as I see it along with my random thoughts on all things Grant. But, I don't pretend to always understand every line of text Grant writes. He's obviously a very intelligent man in many many fields and subjects, so this isn't a blog where I'll sit and postulate theories on what he trys to “say.” It's just fun connect-the-dots stuff I want to share with you. More along the lines of celebratory continuity porn than any real critical analysis of his work. Also, I'll obviously have to talk about important plot details, so watch out for SPOILERS in case you haven't read all the books I reference.

Before, when I wrote, “Just recently, I started noticing what I'm gonna refer to as a secret map,” I specifically mean I noticed it while reading the brilliant All-Star Superman series Grant created alongside artist Frank Quitely. For years now, Watchmen has been my favorite comic book, but, as an entire work, All-Star Superman has approached that Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons classic as my No. 2 favorite because of its energy, its creativity, its simultaneous nostalgia for the Silver Age and invention of new graphic language for the Modern Age, the art, the ideas, the coloring and so much more. All-Star may, over the course of this blog, become my favorite book. I just hope you learn to enjoy it, as well as Grant's work, more as this process rolls along, too.

Oh, and the title of this blog - it's from All-Star Superman #12 (Jeez, look at that cover). Page 9. Top panel.

As Kal-El talks to his dead father, his pops says everything great about Krypton will live on in his son. I just thought it was appropriate for me to snag one of the most inspirational lines in the superhero book that has most excited me in the last few years for the title of a blog celebrating said book's author.

Now that that's done, slap a grin on your beautiful face and let's go...